NERDUNIT pays tribute to the lifestyle of the military, where simplicity is essential, but with boldness. Influenced by military elements such as military colours, badges and ranking lines, Nerdunit merges these elements into the modern streetwear world.

The brand was founded in the USA by designer Ronald and introduced to Japan and South East Asia, where it quickly gained a cult following amongst the young hypebeasts.

Besides having flagship stores in Tokyo, London and South East Asia, Nerdunit also has more than 17 retailers worldwide and has been featured on the runways of Tokyo as well as countless international media.

All Nerdunit apparels are instantly recognizable by its signature Flight Tag on the sleeves, inspired by military flight bomber jackets. Although apparel is the primal step, Ronald utilizes Nerdunit to soon enter the realm of lifestyle goods, as to induce the world into his personal vision of futuristic, military-rooted modernized streetwear.